Nolan School of Motoring has taught lots of people in Stockport and the surrounding areas to learn to drive safely and with confidence. Below are some reviews from newly qualified drivers.

Our highly competitive prices include pick-up and drop-off at home, place of work or school. We offer a range of resources to help you get test ready fast and all of our lessons are with a fully qualified driving instructor. Plus you’ll be driving an easy-to-drive Mini – so make your booking and you’re ready to go!






David Marshall

Gary’s teaching methods are all based around instilling the principles of safe and thoughtful driving techniques, hence helping to develop confidence and making a practical driving test easy to pass. As an older learner-driver I found this particularly useful and passed far more quickly than I expected.

Cheadle Heath

Ciara Hegarty

I started driving lessons with Gary as soon as I turned 17 and passed both my theory and practical tests first time within 7 months. The lessons were set at the right level for me and by the time I took my test I felt like a confident driver. I particularly found the videos on his youtube channel very useful. I would highly recommend Gary. Thanks again.

Heaton Moor

Lauren Stavert

I would highly recommend taking lessons with Nolan School of Motoring! Gary is a great teacher and ensured that the lessons suited my needs and level of driving. Gary not only prepares you for your test, but also gives you great tips and skills for driving after the test. A professional and top quality driving instructor! Thank you!!

Heaton Moor

Jack Spillane

Excellent instructor, Gary is incredibly patient and has a number of teaching methods if you're struggling with certain parts of your drive. Loads of resources, mock tests and videos and Gary is great to get on with. Couldn't recommend more!

West Didsbury

Anna Donovan

Highly recommend Gary for learning to drive, with the personalised lesson plans and mock tests providing an experience above other instructors which helped me pass both theory and practical first time. Thanks again!

Heaton Moor

William Yang

I came from a different country where the traffic system is managed in a completely different way, so that's why I failed my first practical test here and I really struggled on it for quite a while. I was so lucky to know Gary just after I failed the first test, and he made things really different. He not only helped me make sense of every driving tips and skills with the relevant theories and philosophy which people in this country have in common, but also tried to help me build up safety mentality and habit from which I will benefit in my future driving experience. Today I successfully passed my second test after taking lessons from Gary, and I will definitely recommend any of my friend who need this service come for him.

West Didsbury

Nick Oldacre

Passed my test first time thanks to these lessons. Gary was the second instructor I've had and I found his lessons to be much more well structured and focused on where I most needed improvement. He explained everything really well and I found his way of breaking driving up into simple routines was very useful. Plenty of helpful resources on the website and youtube channel as well.

Hazel Grove

Seb May

Gary is a very professional teacher who ensures you get the best experience from every lesson. I passed first time and would not hesitate to recommend him.

West Didsbury

Joe Shervin

Gary was an excellent instructor, who pays great attention to detail and makes sure you have the very best resources to aid your learning - from the vehicle itself to the wealth of information he makes available on the website. He is incredibly knowledgeable and very thorough, ensuring you have a good understanding of the car, the road and everything else you need to know in order to pass your test. I am particularly thankful to Gary for always finding time to fit me back in for lessons even when I went months without driving. I would highly recommend!

West Didsbury

Paul Corrigan

Just passed my test with Gary. He's a brilliant instructor, brilliant teacher and has infinite patience. Gary was the second instructor i had and the lesson structures were 2 worlds apart, gary teaches you how to be a safe and confident driver, he explains in detail the reason for everything and this gives you greater understanding which gives you greater confidence. Having confidence in your instructor makes such a difference, knowing they are experienced gives you peace of mind. My friend reccomended him and it's one of the best decisions i've made. It's reasonably priced considering it's such a professional service. If you're looking to learn to drive Gary's the man. Thanks again mate!

Heaton Moor

Chelsea Scott

Just passed my test.
Great instructor!
And very usefull website, helps a lot when preparing for the test!
Highly recommend Gary!


Toni Childs

I can't recommend Gary more highly. Having had a handful of lessons nearly 20 years ago, I thought I was never going to manage to learn to drive. However, with his patience and support, I managed it and can't thank him enough for his help towards gaining my independence. I don't think I would have managed it with any other instructor as his super calm approach and great sense of humour made what began as an incredibly nerve-wracking time for me into a genuinely enjoyable process. Also, in addition to his bespoke lesson plans, Gary's brilliant website was a great way to supplement my practical training and is full of useful material such as test route videos, tests and well written prompt sheets for manoeuvres and other key driving skills. Gary doesn't just teach you to pass - he teaches you how to be great at driving and to be safe and confident on the roads. Well worth getting on his waiting list, rather than rushing and signing up with anyone else.

Heaton Moor

Rhiannon Collins

I passed first time with Gary and couldn't recommend him highly enough. I started having lessons when I was 17 but my instructor never gave me the confidence to take a test in fact he never even mentioned it!! 16 years lapsed and I was under pressure from my family to take it back up so I found an instructor and took some more lessons. He promised he'd have me through my test by the September (3/4 months away), that came and went and whilst we had a laugh in the car I never got any closer to taking an actual test or even talking about one. Another year lapsed and I was under real pressure to do something about it, after finding many instructors would cancel lessons or never reply to me I found Gary. I wish I'd had Gary as my instructor the first time as I would have been driving years ago! From the first time in the car I knew he'd get me my licence. He is the only instructor who has actually challenged me. All of his lessons are purposeful and whilst he puts you at ease and is patient, he is firm, he wants you to get your licence not just drive around paying his wage and chatting! Within a few lessons he was talking about test dates and although I didn't feel ready he was the first instructor to tell me that there would be a 3 month wait for a test date and by then I would be ready, he was right! We did several mock tests which really helped me feel comfortable during my test, I was also used to the test centre and parts of the test routes which helped put me at ease. Gary has a wealth of experience both as a driver and as an instructor but he isn't just teaching you to pass a test he wants you to be a confident and capable driver. I'm now looking forward to doing some more motorway lessons with Gary, hopefully I don't embarrass him in front of any HGVs!!

Heaton Moor

Shaunna Fitzpatrick

Thanks to Gary I passed my driving test first time round! He adapted his teaching style to suit me in terms of how I learn best. He didn't just teach me how to pass the test, he taught me how to drive confidently and taught me additional knowledge which wasn't necessary for the test. Gary puts you in situations that you may not face everyday so that you are fully prepared for the unexpected. He is calm, approachable and patient. I couldn't recommend him enough!


Jamie Crowley

I passed first time thanks to Gary! I had no experience of driving whatsoever so I was a complete amateur but after my first lesson he made me feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel. When I struggled he kept calm with me and informed me of how I could fix my mistakes for next time. Couldn't recommend Gary enough for anyone who wants to become a good driver and to pass their test.


Margaret Frost

After years of lessons here and there I finally decided it was time to get down to taking driving seriously! Gary was recommended to me by a friend and she could not have been more right! After only a couple of lessons it was very apparent that my previous teacher was nowhere near as good as Gary! He's a natural teacher and it's evident that he's more than capable of adapting his teaching style appropriately to the student. Gary soon realised that I needed someone nice but firm (but not too firm lol... not too much to ask? 😉 ) I was also impressed because he is also keen to keep up to date with new advice and improving his own knowledge and skill which benefits us! There's inevitably more I could say but long and short is- I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! 😀 AND - do use his website and YouTube clips while you're learning- they also really helped me!

West Didsbury

Matt Dension

Gary was extremely helpful and knowledgeable throughout the time he taught me. Not only does he give very good training for passing your driving test but he also makes sure that you leave a competent, more confident and safe driver. Along with this he is able to make you feel comfortable with driving even if you are nervous and I haven't heard about any other driving schools that offer things like online resources.I would recommend Nolan School of Motoring for anyone wanting to learn!

Heaton Moor

Claire Wainwright

Highly recommend Nolan school of motoring. Gary is very professional and reliable, teaching you exactly what you need to know to pass your test and be a safe driver. He is able to explain the technicalities of driving in a way that makes it very understandable. Great driving instructor.


Rachel Riley

I recently passed my driving test at the Bredbury Test Centre and as someone who gets nervous quite easily, I was surprised at how calm I felt going into my test. I can say with 100% certainty that it was Garys lessons, mock tests and the resources he provided via his website, that made me feel so calm and prepared. Gary tailors lessons to suit you and welcomes your contributions regarding what to work on during each lesson. As an instructor he is very professional, he keeps his website up to date with informative articles, lesson plans and quizzes, which I found invaluable when revising for my theory and my practical tests. At the end of every lesson he always made sure I left feeling happy with both my progress and the plan for the following lesson. I feel lucky to have met Gary and can't recommend his driving instruction highly enough!


Laura Sanderson

Gary is a great teacher. I was definitely not a natural at driving and I really struggled at first, Gary was patient with me and thought of new ways to help me understand. Gary personalises his lessons to what you need to work on and I have been impressed with how after every lesson he writes down what you covered during the lesson , points of improving and a plan for next lesson. The mock tests were great practice for the practical as it feels like real test conditions and I really learned from the mistakes I made on them. The website has great resources which have helped me a lot throughout learning. I did the Bredbury test centre and recently passed on my second attempt. I would recommend Gary to anyone looking for a driving teacher, he has taught some of my friends too and I am very glad I chose him. Thank you Gary!

Heaton Moor

Connor Kehoe

Recently passed at my second attempt, couldn't recommend Nolan school of motoring highly enough. After I failed my first test he tailored lessons to my weaknesses and without which I wouldn't currently be driving.

Heaton Moor

Philip Martin

Having already had lessons from another driving instructor, Gary was a very professional instructor, who not only trains you to pass your test but also to be a competent driver when you pass your test. I cannot recommend him more highly.


Josie Darcy

I was 33 years old when my partner pushed me into driving again after a series of very bad lessons when I was 17 which literally put my off driving for a very long time, I was very nervous and doubtful thinking I would soon give up again after 'giving it another go' but I didn't even want to re-consider after meeting Gary.

Gary is extremely professional, very friendly and his lesson plans are the absolute best, he does not waste your time or his! After he gets you to learn the basics (very quickly) he then plans each lesson around your individual needs and the mock test lessons put me at ease so when it came to the day of the test I had less nerves than I anticipated. Gary's website also helped me through my theory test and my manoeuvres as I found it a great tool to keep referring to in-between my lesson days.

I cannot thank Gary enough for helping me gain my licence 1st time, within 4 months just before Christmas, and more importantly making me a safe and confident driver going forward. My friends and family are also very thankful that now I can finally re-pay 15 years worth of lifts :).

Heaton Moor

Gabriel Cullaigh

I am now the third British Cycling Olympic team member that Nolan School of Motoring has successfully taught and guided to getting a driving licence!! In my case I had a limited time scale as I was due to move away from Stockport to Italy in the new year. With that in mind I felt pressure to pass first time, but each lesson was structured perfectly to progress my drive positively over the course of 3 months. Gary has a wealth of experience and knowledge in all aspects of driving and is incredibly supportive and encouraging, so I felt completely confident that when I passed I would be a safe and confident driver.

Gary is a great guy, professional but also had a good laugh at the same time, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND to ANYONE looking to get a driving licence!!

Heaton Moor

Coral Saunders

Prior to finding Gary i had spent easily over £1,000 with 3 different instructors and over 30 hours of lessons. This being said i still never really had confidence driving, which i gained after just a few lessons with Gary. He just makes you feel at ease whilst maintaining the highest levels of professionalism - he doesnt focus on your weaknesses but rather works with you on how to fix them (without the overcomplication you get with other instructors).

Being now 24 I genuinely wish i had found an instructor like Gary when i was 17, as i have passed my test within 4 months of lessons with Gary - after 8 years of bad instructors. I cannot reccomend him enough.

Heaton Moor


I tried learning how to drive back home in Spain 9 years ago and failed. Decided to give it another go last year and got a terrible driving instructor who wasted my money and time. I was about to give up again but after doing some research I found Gary and I couldn't be happier!

I have always struggled with driving and being a foreigner you can imagine how hard it was for me to understand how to drive in manchester! Gary always showed support and he was truly patient. He made me believe in myself and promised not only that I would get my license but also that I would become a good and safe driver. I passed my exam two days ago with just two minors and driving has been one of the biggest challenges in my life!

I would always be grateful to him. He is an amazing instructor. He plans his lessons very well and works on your weaknesses. He makes you overcome your demons and become the best driver you will ever be! The BEST instructor out there!

West Didsbury

Louise Muarry

I was very nervous about getting behind the wheel at first but Gary was very encouraging and friendly, as well as being very thorough with the training. The mini is lovely to drive and is always very clean and tidy! I went into my driving test feeling very prepared and passed first time.
Thank you, Gary! Living the dream.

Heaton Moor

Charlotte Benson

Gary has been a great instructor, I feel he teaches in greater depth so you have an understanding on how to drive not just how to pass your test. I found myself knowing a lot more about driving than my other friends who were learning at the same time and had more hours with other instructors. I think the lesson plans Gary made really helped, he works on improving any of the weaknesses in your drive, I would really recommend him. I passed 1st time!

Heaton Moor

Annika Davidson

At 29, I found myself needing to learn to drive for work. I agonised over picking the right instructor, and came across several positive reviews for Gary online - something that seems to be a bit of a rarity in Manchester. Despite my living in Rusholme, Gary was willing to undertake the lessons.

I suffer from anxiety disorders, so the idea of being in charge of a car was absolutely terrifying for me. I struggled with the clutch for a quite a long time, and sometimes I had days where I wanted to give up, but Gary remained patient and supportive throughout. Even when I felt like I had a stinker of a lesson, Gary would highlight the positive aspects to encourage and reassure me.

I'm pleased to say that I persevered with my lessons, and today I passed my practical exam on my first attempt.

With his extensive experience, Gary teaches you to drive safely and be a better, more thoughtful road user. His pricing structure is competitive and the block lesson offers have no hidden T&Cs, unlike a lot of other driving schools. I have no hesitation in recommending Gary as an instructor, particularly for those of you who suffer from anxiety disorders. Gary is easy to talk to, understanding, and extremely reliable. I'll be passing his details along to all of my friends!


Kirstie Davies

Gary is without a doubt one of the best instructors around. He's helped me to become a safe, eco friendly driver, and has always supported me, even on my down driving days. If I felt a lesson hadn't gone as well as I had of hoped, he would find a way to boost my confidence and lead me in the right direction to becoming a better driver. His learning technique is of a high standard, as he doesn't just teach you how to pass a test, he actually teaches you how to drive! I found it easy to confide in Gary if there was something I didn't quite understand, or I felt I needed extra practice in a particular area as he always crafted his lesson plans around me as an individual, and not via a structured system. Thank you Gary for helping me pass my test on my 18th birthday!!!! I can't praise you enough!!


Johnny Brady

I was recommended Gary by a friend and started my lessons in January, I found Gary very helpful as I picked it up easily which led me to pass first time in April. I would recommend 2 hour blocks as I found them very helpful as it enabled me to cover multiple areas in one lesson. Gary was very precise and articulate with his instructions, he had a very effective simple method for manoeuvres that is easy to learn. I also had some difficulty with roundabouts however Gary's effective training and advice enabled me to use roundabouts with ease. I would therefore highly recommend Gary for anyone who is considering starting driving lessons.

Heaton Chapel

David Molyneux

After moving to the area I looked at several driving schools on-line and chose to go with Gary which turned out to be a great choice as I received fantastic and very professional tutoring and was able to pass my test first time!

Gary was always on time and learning in the brand new Mini meant that I had best tools to hand. Not only was I getting the best teaching but I felt at ease and enjoyed my lessons and with the aid of constant feedback my ability behind the wheel was always increasing.

Gary’s lesson plans and methods of teaching were crucial to my development. They meant I was constantly developing and was able to see and understand where I was going both right and wrong and be able to become a better driver as a result. Gary’s wealth of knowledge and past experience in the HGV industry meant that not only was I learning how to drive, I was learning how to be a good driver.

The mock tests in the build up to my driving test enabled me to focus on any areas I needed to brush up on and this combined with all the resources Gary’s website has to offer means you aren't short of help!

The range of lesson packages and very reasonable rates enables you to get the best possible learning experience and I would thoroughly recommend Gary Nolan School of Motoring to anyone in the Stockport area looking for a quality driving instructor.


Mary Ann

Gary is a fantastic driving instructor! He is very thorough and made sure I understood every aspect of driving. I can't fault him whatsoever!
I passed first time thanks to Gary, and I would recommend him to everyone - especially those like myself who felt nervous.
Not only has he helped me get a full driving licence, but I feel confident and safe on the road!


John Simpson

I was determined to pass my test before winter, I found it difficult to find an honest instructor who wouldn't take me for a ride, literally!
Gary was the exception, I would like to thank him for his expert advice and training. The way Gary prepares learners to pass their driving test is both practical and explanatory. I had three previous instructors who had failed to meet the same professional standards of teaching as Gary. I am pretty pleased that I passed 1st time!, thanks to the thought out process and individual lesson plans Gary creates at the start of every lesson. I would recommend Gary to anyone who wants the best driving experience possible.


Shannon Corcoran

After a long break from learning to drive I tried Gary, he was recommended by a number of friends and certainly lived up to expectations! Gary does not simply coach you into passing the test, he focuses on ensuring you become a safe and confident driver. I have really enjoyed learning to drive with Gary and would recommend him to anyone!

Heaton Moor

Daniel Jones

Gary was recommended to me by a friend and after checking out his website I began my first block of five lessons as a complete beginner in late September. Now only two and a half months later I have not only a pass certificate but a confidence and understanding of road use and driving that I can only attribute to Gary's incredibly extensive knowledge base and instructing ability. With past experience in HGV instructing he was able to offer me an enhanced set of driving skills centred around observation, planning and awareness that I believe very few other driving schools are able to provide. These skills, alongside his thorough, individualised and effective lesson plans brought me to test standard quicker than I'd expected but also will allow me to coach myself in the future as I gain further experience as a road user. I couldn't recommend Nolan School of Motoring more. Gary's passion and dedication for bringing his students to the highest possible level of pre-test driving is apparent from lesson 1, resulting in an extremely enjoyable and professional learning experience. I can't thank you enough Gary.



I've been driving for eleven years outside of the UK and this year decided to get a European license. I originally thought that my experience and previous knowledge would make having an instructor redundant, however I am extremely happy to have had further instruction with Gary Nolan. The Nolan School of Motoring was recommended to me as dependable, patient and helpful; and now I'm able to say the same!

Gary Nolan is very friendly and thorough, and in this sense I felt that he was sincerely concerned about me becoming the best driver I could be, and not just passing the driving test and obtaining my license. He is attentive and considerate and very good at explaining not only the theory and practice of HOW to drive and follow the rules, but also WHY it must be done a certain way. All of this has helped me immensely. I have become a better, more confident and more considerate driver because of Gary and for this I thank him.

It is with pleasure that I recommend the NSOM to new drivers wanting someone who will take their time to know them and properly teach them; and also to experienced drivers who might consider supplementing their experiences with constructive criticism and expert know-how.

West Didsbury

Fee Taylor

Having a late June birthday I watched all my friends turn 17 and be able to drive, I was so excited and longed for my chance. That's why I'm glad I chose Nolan School of Motoring, with Gary I managed to pass first time, in under 3 months and be the first of all my friends! Through carefully planned lessons, useful online resources and lots of mock tests, Gary taught me to drive well enough not only to pass my test but also be a safe and confident driver after.


Lindsey Airey

Firstly I would like say thank you very much to Gary for teaching me to drive. I most defiantly made the right choice in picking this driving school. I was nearly 30 when i finally decided to be brave enough and learn! Gary helped me to pass my driving test first time, he's very easy to get on with and very down to earth, has a great way of teaching and is always reliable and on time.I would highly recommend you use Gary to learn to drive too. In fact I already have passed his number to a couple of friends who like me have left it later in life to learn . I look forward to taking the pass plus scheme with Gary soon. And although I've passed my test now I feel like I could still contact Gary for any advice if needed and he would be more than happy to help.


Sera Kaplin

Before having driving lessons with Gary I had failed my test a few times with my previous instructor. As a result I was left feeling so unconfident and disappointed with my driving tuition.

I thought that Gary's independent motoring school would be better than the commercial school that I was previously with who I felt were just after my next payment.

I felt that from my first lesson, Gary instantly understood where I was going wrong, I brought my driving test reports to him and together we made lesson plans with aspects of my driving to focus on.

On the lessons leading up to my test, Gary gave me mock test after mock test - constantly explaining areas to improve and WHY (which was the most important).

Not only did I feel I was getting the best teaching, I also felt comfortable and enjoyed my lessons with Gary, he gave me constant positive feedback and constructive criticism. If I ever made a mistake - I was taught how to correct it.

Gary has not just taught me how to drive for a test - but also how to be a good driver. I can't thank him enough for how much he helped me conqueror my nerves and hesitation, encouraging me to trust my training!

I look forward to doing my Pass Plus with Gary, I would recommend him to anyone in the Stockport area. My only regret is that I didn't come to him sooner.

Sera Kaplan

Heaton Norris

Ben Mckenna

I really enjoyed learning to drive under Gary's guidance.

The lesson's were both informative and fun, especially compared to the other driving schools that I have tried. Gary's teaching was thorough and effective and allowed me to pass first time.

I would recommend Gary to anybody who is learning to drive.


Jess Graham

I phoned Gary after receiving a recommendation from a friend who had just passed and I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. He not only teaches you how to pass your test but how to be a safe and confident driver as well. I had no driving experience when I started lessons with Gary and thanks to him I passed first time!!


Mark Dent

I have to say that I was very pleased with the service I received from Nolan School of Motoring, It was the best experience…
Before meeting Gary, I had no road experience. Gary teaches you how to prepare specifically for passing the road test and how to be a safe driver. He is very encouraging and very attentive to all mistakes that you are making.
I have now passed my road test and know it was mostly thanks to Gary’s instruction, attitude and attention to detail.
Highly recommend this school!

Heaton Moor

Chris Latham

Passed FIRST time !!! Big thanks to Gary. Always on time never had any problems, quality car and a sound guy. Thanks again Gary, I'm now living the dream!!!!

Heaton Moor

Anshul Dhyani

Thanks to Gary I managed to pass my driving test finally! He is one of the most accommodating instructor I have had. Very flexible with classes and my style of learning. He does not teach you to pass your test but teaches you how to be a safe and confident driver, which I think is more important than just passing the test. His Mini is always in a spic and span condition and a wonderful car to learn on. Very small and handy to manoeuvre. Can't thank him enough!

Heaton Moor

Louise England

Passed first time!
I called Gary after receiving a recommendation. I had previously taken driving lessons but I had no confidence at all. Gary was excellent in building up my confidence as well as teaching me the key skills in order to pass my test. Gary is incredibly professional, patient and also has a great sense of humour which helps! Thanks Gary.


Dorota Sowinska

Before, I even start how wonderful Nolan's School of Motoring is, I would like to say once again a BIG THANK YOU to Gary! I have found Gary by google search and I will be forever grateful to him for helping me out when I have left my previous instructor. I was left with the feeling that I can not drive, that I will never pass, and yet today I have passed 1st time!!!

Driving lessons with Gary are so easy to follow, he takes his time to explain everything in a way that there is no way of not understanding it. He is very encouraging, his approach is so positive and confidence level grows with every lesson. Low cost lessons that are good value for money in the Stockport area is are not easy to find but with Nolan's School of Motoring you get both! Gary's Mini is a great little car to drive, it's well looked after which helps with the overall driving experience.

I would recommend Gary to everyone, whether you are a new driver, learner or redoing your test, he will help you all the way! BEST INSTRUCTOR IN STOCKPORT AREA!


Chantelle Ward

Passed my driving test first time! Thanks Gary!!


Gary Noonan

Thanks to Gary I passed my test first time. He was an extremely accommodating instructor, allowing me the flexibility to create the type of lesson plan I wanted to fit in with a busy schedule. Also, he didn't teach me to pass a test, he taught me how to drive. Top class instructor! Thanks.


Leah Wong

I found Gary when I was about to give up driving. He was my third teacher. He was able to identify where I struggled and found the best way to help me. Gary is a very good teacher.

I passed my driving test first time a few weeks ago and have since been driving confidently in my own car, but I know I could call Gary if I had any problems.

West Didsbury

Becky Anne

My experience with Nolan school of motoring was fantastic, Gary is a amazing instructor. Always there on the phone for any questions or worries you may have for either lessons or test down to the best advice for theory test. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!


Justine Slade

I have had an excellent experience with Nolan School of Motoring. Gary is extremely experienced and has a wealth of knowledge about all aspects of driving. Gary is highly supportive, and when I felt like giving up, he taught me how to persevere and I now have my driving licence. I would highly recommend Gary and Nolan School of Motoring.

West Didsbury

Hannah Wiseman

I learnt to drive in my own time at a pace I felt comfortable with, Fantastic instructor and I loved driving a stylish mini!!

Heaton Moor

Ellis Curran

Is a brilliant driving instructor. He made me feel at ease throughout my lessons helped me greatly with my theory and gave me the confidence to pass my test first time. Highly recommend!!!


Eleanor Haynes

Passed driving test first time within 7 months. Cheap rates compared to other/larger driving schools but with the professionalism of a brand company. Great instructor and overall experience.

Heaton Mersey

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