Reverse around a sweeping corner

Reverse around a sweeping corner picture tutorial.


Pull up along side the kerb about the width of a double yellow line. Put the vehicle in reverse, note the distance from the rear of the vehicle before you start the reverse. Reverse back until the gap from the kerb line and vehicle gets bigger. Put 3/4 steer on and reverse back.


Reverse back until the gap is about the width of a tyre and stop. Straighten the tyres take off whatever steer you put on off. Reverse back in a straight line until the gap gets bigger again and stop.


Put 3/4 steer on to the direction you need to go and reverse back until you are parallel to the kerb and stop.


You can pull forward twice to fix any mistakes you may make in reverse. To maintain maximum control of your vehicle stay between 1mph and 2mph throughout the maneuvre. Good effective all round observations are important. Remember your blind spot areas.

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