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Theory Test

How to Study for your Theory Test.

At the time you start studying for your theory test you must use the correct software and dvd’s to give you the candidate the best chance of passing your theory test first time. The dvd Nolan School of Motoring recommend is Focus Multimedia dvd pc rom driving test all tests. As for apps (software application for downloading  off the internet) feedback for UK Car Driving Theory Test is positive and this app is only £0.69p.

When you start your driving lessons wait till you are at least halfway through your training before you make an attempt at your theory test. Statistics show that candidates that go in for their theory test before having driving lessons or a few hours into their driving lessons have a higher fail rate. Make no mistake this test is easy to fail so correct preparation is essential.

Correct Preparation. Theory Test Questions

The correct way to study for your theory test questions is not to learn them as a memory test but to understand what they mean to you as a driver.

Read the questions slowly to make sure you know how many answers you must give. When you pass your driving test you are only allowed 6 penalty points on your driver license in the first 2 years. If you do receive penalty points they will stay on your license for 4 years and 5 years on insurance companies data.

The car theory test is designed to help improve your observational skills and help plan your journeys better. The better you understand your car theory test the more likely you will need less hours on your driving lessons and you can protect your driving license once you have passed your driving test.

Hazard Perception.

Hazard perception is generally were candidates fail their car theory test this is because they don’t understand what is being asked of them.

The easiest way to explain how to understand this test is if you feel you need to use your foot brake that is when you need to click on your mouse.
Remember in the video you the candidate are looking for a developing hazard to gain the most points and not the actual hazard which has lower points.

An example of a developing hazard is a zebra crossing in a busy high street and a pedestrian is walking very determinedly towards the zebra crossing this is where you would click to gain the most points not when the pedestrian is on the crossing because that is the actual hazard which has lower points.Always read the feedback from the video clip to get a complete understanding of what you have just seen. When you are on your driving lessons you are using the same techniques so understanding your hazard perception creates a faster learning transfer on you driving lessons.

Tips for Hazard Perception Test.

If you get a X on a video clip for clicking too many times do not give up you can still pass the hazard perception test. When clicking on your mouse click at least twice (1 and 2) so if you have just clicked too early you will still score with your second click.

When you are studying for the hazard perception test make sure you watch the video feedback and the slider bar at the bottom of the video clip to see if the 2 click method is working if not increase it to 3.

To get a X on the screen for clicking too many times you would need to click over 10 times. If you understand the clips you will not need to worry about this problem. Finally if the video clips are totally different on your hazard perception test to what you have been studying do not let this put you off. You the candidate are still looking for the developing hazards and still using the clicking method as above.

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