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Driving Instructors in Stockport

Driving Instructors in Stockport

Driving Instructors in Stockport

For driving instructors in Stockport Nolan School of Motoring are offering 5 hours for £65 for first time drivers. Our driving Instructor in Stockport has a wealth of knowledge. As a former HGV driver and trainer, and a qualified driving instructor of over 5 years, our expert advise and up to date teaching methods will create a perfect learning experience.

Here at Nolan School of Motoring we have fantastic first time pass rates. This claim is backed up by our Facebook page and our testimonials. All our previous customers have been more than happy with our service. We can offer you structured lessons with a creative training programme that will get you up to test standard in a short period of time. We deal with all types of learner drivers. The very nervous drivers or people who have had bad experiences at other driving schools, to full licence holder’s who need refresher lessons.

When we start your lessons they are covered in detail. The standard that will be taught is driver the essential skills.

Our Video Channel

Our video channel offers plenty of advise on the maneuvers and also covers roundabouts. When taking your driving test in Stockport there will be some challenges on the driving test. The test routes consist of a number of roundabouts, dual carriage ways and one-way-systems. You can also be tested in rural areas with fast approaching sharp bends and narrow lanes. A good standard of vehicle control is essential. This is where the video channel will help. The hazard perception test video covers the main points of the driving theory hazard preception test.

The Driving Test

For driving instructors in Stockport, we always conduct mock tests from the Bredbury test centre to properly prepare you for your driving test. If you can handle the traffic conditions in a mock test environment then you greatly improve your chances of passing your driving test first time. Generally driving tests are failed when there is a lack of understanding in challenging situations. Test routes are designed to test your ability in various traffic conditions and situations, so a high standard of ability is essential. We have a wealth of knowledge of all the possible test routes the driving examiners use. You will be asked to carry out one maneuver and may be asked to carry out an emergency stop. The emergency stop is not classed as a maneuver. Good all round control in reverse gear is required.

Your driving instructor will tailor your driving lessons and cover residential zones, rural roads and busy Primary routes and non Primary roads. On the driving test there is one maneuver and a possibility of an emergency stop. We always prepare our customers for after the driving test and helping them becoming confident drivers.

The Theory Test

The theory test can worry some learner drivers but here at our driving school we offer excellent advice and guide our customers through the theory test. We have a video blog advising learner drivers how to study for the test and why the DVSA have structured the test in its current format. The hazard perception test video covers the main points of the driving theory hazard perception test. It is better to do at least 10 hours or more of driving lessons before you take the theory test, this way you can make the link from theory to practical driving which in turn will help make you pass both tests first time.

Our advice for the theory test has seen an excellent first time pass rate for our customers. We can advise on the best study material to use and a sensible study plan.

Ben McKenna.
I really enjoyed learning to drive under Gary’s guidance.

The lesson’s were both informative and fun, especially compared to the other driving schools that I have tried. Gary’s teaching was thorough and effective and allowed me to pass first time.

I would recommend Gary to anybody who is learning to drive.

Give yourself the best chance of passing your driving test first time by using an experienced driving school.

Contact us today for free friendly advice. Phone 0161 429 0297 or 07828322973.


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